Fun Places in Mumbai to take your kids this weekend!

Finally! I am back…A tumultuous phase of life behind me, I’m all set to make a fresh beginning. As Henry David Thoreau said “The language of friendship is not words but meanings”. Thank you Bindi and Minal for bringing the meaning back to my life 🙂 While browsing the internet, I was spoilt for choices … Continue reading

A Plain Matchbox Transformed!!!

It feels great to be back…Last two weeks were crazy with loads of personal stuff happening. But the best part  were the weekends. We finally went to Kidzania, had a sleepover of 5 crazy kids, caught the broadway play ‘Beauty and the Beast’, painted princess mirrors and also played treasure hunt in the garden…. Whew!! … Continue reading

1st prize: Who wants to win – Parents or Kids

Last weekend I had to take Saher for an inter-school competition. Whilst she was in the class, I was waiting on the school grounds. Thats when I saw a mother screaming at her bitterly, crying daughter. She was reprimanding the child for not performing upto the mother’s expectations and would not win the 1st prize. … Continue reading

What are our kids really thinking????

I love being around kids and often wonder what’s going on through their minds. I interact with a lot of children and one thing which all of them said was that grownups do not listen to us!! They hear us but do not listen! And god forbid if they do not like what we say, … Continue reading

Fun Places in Mumbai to take your kids this weekend!

Once again the much awaited weekend is here… I know it sounds silly but I was thrilled when a friend visiting Ranthambore posted a picture of a bird and I could identify that it was an Indian Treepie, simply because I had seen it during my recent visit to the natural history gallery at the … Continue reading

Painting with your fingers

Children love colours and they love getting messy. So how about combining both of them and making it fun. Yup, I am talking about finger painting….From an early age, Saher was drawn towards painting and she was the happiest when she could use her hands and fingers. So when I put up a Creative Thinking … Continue reading

Mumbai – Fun places to take your kids this weekend

So how did you spend the previous weekend? Saher and I attended a birthday party at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We started off early morning with a trek to the Kanheri Caves, then playtime at the park as we mothers chatted, followed by a water soaked boat ride and ended with a ride on … Continue reading

13 year old Insha’s Amazing Art

Since the last time that I published Insha’s artwork, this little treasure of talent has churned out some more masterpieces… She has appeared for several art related competitive exams and needless to say, excelled. A quick note of thanks for your emails liking my previous post and hope you have received the flashcards that I … Continue reading

Make Your Own Board Game

Last weekend Saher and I headed to the museum – The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya or formerly known as The Prince of Wales Museum. ( We attended their Art Cart and Story Telling session. As mentioned in my last post, I finally saw the Persian artifacts and the Flemish paintings from Antwerp currently on display…absolutely … Continue reading

Fun things to do this weekend in Mumbai

The new year has finally brought pleasant and cool evenings in Mumbai…great for walks and hot coffee and a lot to look out for this week to take your kids out other than the boring malls. I will be heading with Saher to the museum for their art cart and story telling session. Also I … Continue reading

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